Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My friend wrote a book!

So, my friend Cheyenne has been working on this book for several years and I've been one of her readers/editors. I must say, it is awesome.
Kama, sky pirate and Rakshasha, is thrown overboard by her own comrades, the privateers of airship The Devil's Mercy. Swimming for her life, she finds herself in the land of her birth, Dharmaghat, which she left behind as a young girl, seeking adventure and freedom.
It is the last place on earth she wishes to be.
Determined to return to the skies and exact revenge, she is caught instead in the intrigues waged in secret against her homeland, where foreign powers plot to colonize it's rich lands and make all her people slaves. Beaten but unbroken, Kama swears to bring about no less than total revolution, force her countrymen to raise their heads in defiance, even if just to have power enough to gain a ship of her own and chase her betrayers down.
In a world on the cusp of industrial revolution, while great empires struggle to divide all the world up between them, where magic is another branch of the natural sciences and steam powers the air fleets of both nations and pirates, adventure beckons the intrepid along a path of riches, romance, and bloody revenge.
So - I suggest reading it. It has shapeshifters (which I love) and holy enforcers and battles and runaway elephants and chai and is set in an alternative universe reminiscent of Victorian-era India. It's lovely. It has a dapper man, a huge tiger who I just want to give a great big hug, and a heroine who is fierce and makes an incredible journey.

The Devil's Mercy by Cheyenne Cartwright is up on Amazon right now, just for you:

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