Thursday, December 8, 2011

Halfway Out of the Dark

This post is brought to you by my brain. I just recently watched 'Christmas Carol', the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special.

My brain immediately started composing lyrics to a song called 'Halfway out of the Dark.' However, it liberally stole from three other songs rather than making up its own tune. In my head, it starts slow with operatic lyrics from a single female voice - like a candle on a snowy night, Beauty and the Beast metal, or Abigail from the episode - and gradually ramps up into a rock anthem of the likes of 'Raise your Glass' or something by Queen that finishes triumphant to full orchestration. Lots of brass and electric guitar with the end a weird hybrid of jazz and rock.

I am actually rather sad that I have no composition skills and no idea what I'd want the lyrics to be.

For your enjoyment, here is the inspiration for a song called 'Halfway out of the Dark':

'No One Is Alone' from Into the Woods:

'Santorini' by Yanni (Especially the part 1:40 and on. The triumphant swell section):

'Almost There' from Princess and the Frog.

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